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Old Glory
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Strongman equipment at Vince's Muscle Shop
Old Glory

           $175.00 1 pair
   Apollon wheel tire adapter  Olympic bar collars
        5 lug, bolt circles are 4-1/2", 4-3/4", 5", 5-1/2"
      1/2" x 8" diameter steel plate welded to a 2-screw industrial shaft collar, a tube spacer, and a second 2-screw industrial shaft collar.     Weight - 10 pounds each.

       Use this axle bar adapter for deadlifts & axle press with car or truck wheels.  
       NO Powder Coating - sealed with polyurethane
        $20 UPS shipping rate charged at checkout

strongman wheel adapters - tires on olympic bar

   Strongman carry frame 35" x 27" x 12"  80 pounds
     Holds 460 lbs weights - two 45's on each end bar and two 25's on center bars. - 540 total with frame

    Handles adjust 17" to 20"        Includes 6 collars
       NO Powder Coating - sealed with polyurethane

     Call for shipping rate 614-266-4047
Shipped with rear cross piece NOT attached so it can fit in a 38" x 13" x 10" box for UPS. You will have to bring it to a local welder - usually about a $30 charge