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     Some supplements sites will accept returns if you do not open the product and if you pay the return shipping. That is useless. You would not order it if you did not intend to open it.

   We will contact the manufacturer with your complaint and try to obtain a direct refund for you, but we will not take the product back for refund, exchange or credit.

         Some supplement companies have a really good guarantee, others limited, and some only offer contact info, but no stated return policy.

        Some manufacturers accept returns of their products within 30 days if the unused portion or empty container is sent back to them with an explanation. Some will only accept returns of their product if it is bought directly from the manufacturer's website. All require pre-authorization by them and all return shipping paid by the customer.

        Some chain stores may still have return policies (if they are still in business), but you will pay a lot more up front with every purchase, for this return insurance.

        At Vince's Muscle Shop we suggest that you research your supplements before you buy them - read online reviews, ask other lifters, try samples first. Evereyone has different taste and expectations.

      USPS Priority Mail - most orders less than 12 pounds  If placed before 12:00, usually delivers in 2 days - or next day in Ohio, except Sunday

    UPS - orders more than 12 pounds  If placed before 5:00 Monday through Thursday, shipped the same day. UPS does not deliver on Saturday or Sunday, so orders placed on Friday cannot deliver until Monday

        Beware!      If the Post Office or UPS driver scans in your package as "delivered"    and it shows up on the tracking as "Delivered" with the time and date,    there is nothing that we can do about it.    
      Talk to your UPS or post office driver directly or visit your local UPS or post office for an explanation. It may be a thief getting to the delivered package before the customer gets to it.

Shipping:  Protein & Carb products are only in OHIO

Old Glory

     Shipping & Handling    Flat Rate of $5.00

RETURNS to Vince's- NO  Each manufacturer has its own return policy

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Capsules, aminos, pre-workouts, NO boosters, shirts,
small stuff - can ship anywhere in the U.S.